Lyrics provide the most beautiful and artful inspiration for writing, particularly when attempting to articulate the complexity and wonder of romantic love. Great orchestral cinematic pieces like the Great Gatsby’s ‘Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful’ embody the passion and soul soaring experience the human heart has when it finds a ‘Great Love’. We’re whisked away on a journey, sent dreaming of the otherworldly, the past, the promise of what might be, and of the passionate experiences of life that move our souls in a way words alone can never aptly describe.

1-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-the-girls-1 1-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-the-girls-2 1-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-the-girls-3 1-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-the-girls-4 1-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-the-girls-5

Two songs heard repeatedly these past couple of weeks keep taking me back as I pondered on how to describe the atmosphere of Sarah and Caleb’s wedding day on a country estate in mid July. “Hot summer nights (ok it was freezing cold but just go with it anyway), mid July when you and I were forever wild. The crazy days, city lights, the way you’d play with me like a child. Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful… I know you will, I know you will, I know that you will.  …  Oh that grace, oh that body, Oh that face makes me wanna party. He’s my sun, he makes shine like diamonds…  and all the ways I got to know Your pretty face and electric soul…”

1-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-the-girls-6 2-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-the-boys-1 2-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-the-boys-2 3-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Ceremony-1 3-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Ceremony-2 3-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Ceremony-3 3-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Ceremony-4 3-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Ceremony-5 4-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-The-Chapel-SC-1 4-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-The-Chapel-SC-2 4-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-The-Chapel-SC-3 5-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Location-1_1 5-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Location-1_2 5-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Location-1_3 6-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Location-2_1 6-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Location-2_2

The most unlikely of couples, these two songs hold the quirkiest but most stunningly true-to-life harmony over what their day was like. Winter sun shining in cold cloudless skies. Lace and diamonds and Glasshouse Mountains. Vintage cars, fine fitting suits and views for days. A crackling fireplace, the glint of crystal and comfort of fine dining. And all the while underneath the surface, throughout the quiet anticipation of getting ready, making vows for forever and sitting sweetly through speeches waited two young lovers for the party to start.

6-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Location-2_3 6-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Location-2_4 7-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Reception-1 7-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Reception-2 7-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Reception-3 7-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Reception-4 7-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Reception-5 7-Noosa-Wedding-Photographer-SC-Reception-6

Joined by more then a few crazy fun family members who clearly couldn’t wait either they let loose on the dance floor as soon as they could in all manner of cheeky sass and celebratory silliness knowing every single word to Bruno Mar’s Uptown funk singing – no declaring quite loudly I might add,  “I’m too hot (hot damn), called a police and a fireman. I’m too hot (hot damn) Make a dragon wanna retire man! I’m too hot (hot damn), say my name you know who I am. Girls hit your hallelujah (whuoo), Girls hit your hallelujah (whuoo), Girls hit your hallelujah (whuoo) (and Ebony raises her sweet hands in the air while Tam and Janie bring their own cooky flair) and they all sing loudly – ‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you, Saturday night and we in the spot. If you don’t believe me just watch! Whuoo!”


 And so its with a smile I can wish your lives always be that kind of party, truly they’re the best kind after all – where songs of the greatest passion and deepest love can be heard to the harmony of crazy fun body jivin’ laughing madly tunes.

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