Lyrics provide the most beautiful and artful inspiration for writing, particularly when attempting to articulate the complexity and wonder of romantic love. Great orchestral cinematic pieces like the Great Gatsby’s ‘Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful’ embody the passion and soul soaring experience the human heart has when it finds a ‘Great Love’. We’re whisked … More #helloharriotts

Jaz and Ben

This is a day that started bright and blue and ended just the same. Step onto a golden beach wrapped by the most beautiful of tropical headlands, palm trees swaying in an ocean breeze. The sun beams down a bright blue day and the diamond studded sea rolls waves onto the beach that carry their sound up to the little resort hotel room above. Views … More Jaz and Ben

Kacy & Dyllan

This has to be the youngest and cheekiest couple I’ve ever had the privilege of following around on their uber relaxed wedding day. So full of life and laughter and giggles. A few of my favourites…  

Taryn & David

To say this day started with anything less than full scale merrymaking would be an understatement. These boys, David’s boys… were the clear culprits of all the mischief and revelry, complete with bespoke budgie smuggling underwear, a female groomsman and some jovial jewish dance moves out on the grass before the serious stuff began. Taryn in her delicate … More Taryn & David

Kate & Zennon

Imagine for a moment a breathtaking vista of the Noosa Hinterland’s Glasshouse Mountains. You’re standing on lush meadow, flecked with wildflowers. A cool breeze blows under a balmy Australian sun. Meet Kate, aka ‘the wife’, and Zennon, one of the most relaxed and fun loving couples you’ll meet. A ceremony full of giggles, humorous innuendo … More Kate & Zennon