Sonja Wrethman is a Professional Photographer and carries skills and experience across a range of disciplines including lifestyle, food, interiors and portraiture. She graduated with a degree (Cum Laude) in Photography and Visual Communications in 2004 and went on to shoot commissions around the world including South Africa, New York and Europe. She has exhibited numerous Fine Art shows revealing her own personal style and love for the natural world. Her most successful Show to date –  “Bullethole Sunrise, an exploration of memory” also included a published coffee table book to go alongside the body of work and was stocked in bookstores around the country.

Her love for natural light and a more intuitive style of portraiture and lifestyle imagery has led her to shoot Campaigns and bodies of work for clients seeking to create a compelling and strong visual narrative for their businesses. Visual storytelling is the pinnacle of her work and the medium she loves most.