Mitchell’s welcome Khalia

I just love her!


Happy 30th beautiful Mumma

I love it when I get to shoot more than just one season of life with my clients. I become so invested in their precious memories that I feel like I’m part of the family! These guys are no exception – they certainly hold a dear place in my heart and its so beautiful to watch their young family grow. From capturing them riding off on a Vesper on their wedding day in South Africa 10 years ago to being here on holiday in Noosa, considering it as a place to call home, they are building a beautiful life!


Noosa Family reunion

I always get a little (ok a lot) nostalgic when I photograph family reunions. My own are all scattered around South Africa, and us four (my boys, me and my man) are here in the land of my birth, Sunny Australia. Most big groups come with an energy of their own – cousins back together for the summer holidays, Parents, children, grandchildren – reunited. There is so much love to go around in this family, so much energy, adventure, laughter. Looking at these images, I would love to know more about their individual stories – especially the sweet, romantic elder couple kissing the sun to sleep on a perfect Noosa afternoon…


Local Family Business

I always love when local business request a shoot like this. More and more people are presenting themselves and their businesses online in a more personal and relatable way. The way marketing a business online through social media has changed drastically even in the last couple of years. Out with formalised emails, in with genuine social connection to grow our networks and build sustainable businesses. I like it!



Baby Michela

The first thing I did pondering what to write about this gorgeous baby girl and her charming young parents was to google the meaning of her name.
With Italian and Hebrew roots it actually means “who is like God?”.
What a stunning thought that every time her name is spoken its like worship is being whispered secretly to the Most High. It’s so beautiful, holy even. And that is just what this little cherub is, all purity and sweet, new, creation. Those lips, those eyelashes, the peaceful calm over her face and body as she rests in her mummy and daddy’s embrace.

Wow I really do feel so lucky to have the privilege of capturing moments like these.

Knights in Noosa

I found myself smiling throughout the edit of this shoot, not only because the Knight’s are the cutest family, I mean, baby’s Xavier’s eyes… (those eyes!), but because in the busyness and sometimes repetitive nature of running a business and household, these images slowed my thoughts and reminded me of that which we all hold most precious, most sacred, most treasured in our lives. Family. Our precious, precious families. Our loved ones. Our little ones! Our sweet, noisy, busy, please go to bed now, but when they’re asleep we go straight back for one last kiss, little ones. And for loving husbands who have chosen to go the distance with us in this beautiful life that is ‘family’.  So, to all the families out there – I salute all those private and precious moments, scattered across your crazy days that will one day be the most cherished of memories.