Champions for the cause

To know the Chapman family is to see selflessness in action. From the youngest Rebecca to the father John I’ve personally witnessed each member of this family actively involved in some form of volunteer service, all the while with a serene sense of happiness and contentment with life. “Wholesome, affectionate & happy ” would be words to describe
this giggling bunch. Watching them interact together during the shoot was a special experience as I shared in their very natural and genuine family affection. All the best for 2013 Chapman family.

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One thought on “Champions for the cause

  1. Sonja was amazing to work with. Put a camera in her hand and she is like Steve Irwin – on the grass, in the water up trees – anything to get the right angle and the best lighting for that perfect shot. the kids loved it and she made it so easy after the typical stress before any family photo shoot. And of course the photos are awesome. Thank you Sonja.

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