#500 Project #coloursisterhood #sherescue #A21 #humantrafficking


The power of going to a humanitarian conference like Colour Conference  is that it profoundly mobilizes masses (when I say masses I mean like 60 000 women across the globe each year) of women to bring change to major atrocities and humanatarian issues in our world today. What one woman can accomplish may or may not become substantial but what one company of women can do, as I have seen first hand (particularly a company of 60 000!) can, in fact, change the world. Can you imagine being on the same page, literally of the same heart, mind and cause with 60 000 other women? Phenomenal things happen.

This year all attendees were given a challenge to create projects that raised $500 at a time t0 donate to a handful of selected causes, providing already established organisations with the financial clout that is so necessary for them to actually do their work on ground zero level. One of the causes which always grips my heart is the plight of the victims of human trafficking. Partnering (yes they do actually need money – and lots more of it) with organisations like  www.thea21campaign.org and thecoloursisterhood.com/projects is a privilege as they have proved faithful with what they do and their effectiveness on the world stage.

Inspired by a fellow photographer who is doing the same – http://rivbennett.blogspot.com.au/ – I decided to make my 500Project two family photoshoots to donate $500 to the She Rescue home in Cambodia through The Colour Sisterhood website. This home provides rescue and enables little girls (some as young as 4……) to stay in school, and stay off the streets and out of the prowling hands of the pimps and brothel owners.

This issue continues to move my heart, and I will continue to expose myself to the atrocities of this industry as long as it moves me to action.

I would love to inspire and stir up any other photographers out there to do the same. Do a couple of shoots and donate. At the end of the day it really can come down to money. Organisations like the A21 Campaign are doing such great work and if you just open your heart to some of the stories (http://www.thea21campaign.org/content/videos/gjfaix) on their website you will never be the same again – and in a good way. Life’s too short to live only building a little insignificant empire for ourselves. Harsh? True though right? They rescue and restore traumatised and broken women and children who are just waiting for people like you and me to wake up and do something about it.


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