Lovers Lane

When scouting for this shoot I came across this backlit lane of trees meandering down to sea. There are so many sandy corridors just like this one waiting to be explored on the Sunshine Coast. This time of year brings a warm delicate sun on your back, and cold soft sand under your feet. I had a particular idea in mind for the shoot – a warm, vintage
feel, a touch of yesteryear and a collection of images that ignite mood rather than information. The good old faithful vaseline filter even came out the bag to add more softness. Andie and Marco were just beautiful and as you can see, even after many years together (and a son and twin girls later), still so very much in love. Beautiful.
These are some of my favourites.

5 thoughts on “Lovers Lane

    1. Love that you have done a course in Photography Laetitia. Most of the images here are without the filter, I found it to be a bit intense, but its a lot of fun playing around with its effects. Try a plastic sandwhich bag tied with elastic tightly around the front of the lens, but scratch the edges with a knife (not while its on your lens!) and leave the centre clear, for a more dispersed light look.

  1. o wow that sounds really great im going to try that!!! thanx knowing me i would have done so with it over the lens!!! remember that time we were waitressing at southern hills and we were picking sunflowers. i asked for a scissors and attempted to catch it!!!! stupid me!!!! i landed up with a hole in my hand…..
    sunshine you are my hero and i so look up to you!!! wish you were here that i could learn more from you!

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