I have a particular love for the golden hour. In those last few moments when the sun slips under the horizon it’s warm, glowing quality gift’s perfectly formed flare circles across my images. To capture a couple in love who have just made promises for life and partnership is moving, beautiful, even spiritual. My approach is photo-journalistic in nature in that I like to keep things fun and relaxed, capturing special moments. These reflect your true memories of the day and will be the images you will treasure for years to come. The couple shoot is fun and casual so bring a glass of bubbly or a picnic blanket, sit back, relax and enjoy the process of image makeing. When choosing a photographer for your wedding the most important thing is that you love their work. It is very difficult to change an artist’s natural style so if you love their work then you’ll most likely love what they create for you. Wedding days can provide photographers with unpredictable and sometimes unforgiving lighting situations. This is where it is invaluable to have someone with years of experience on your side. This gives you the peace of mind that whether the day brings, full sun, low light, heavy cloud or even rain, your photographer can still make a masterpiece of your memories. I am the one that takes your photographs, edits your pictures, designs your books or album layouts and ultimately tells your wedding day story as authentically and sensitively as possible. This way I can ensure that you experience a product that has been nurtured and developed by a single artist witht clear vision and style, and that you love the memories you take home from your special day. As photographers we are the artists and writers, the preservers of treasured moments. The artistry comes alive when love of light meets love of life.
Wedding days provide us with the perfect canvas.

Sonja Wrethman is an award winning professional photographer who has photographed all over the world. She is currently based in Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast.

















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