Bali Bliss: Boutique Bungalow Hotel in Balangan

A recent working holiday trip to Bali saw me shooting two boutique hotels along the stunning Clifftops of Bingin and Balangan. Crystal sea views for days… Also a bit of fun to be transported from my hotel to the shoot on the back of a scooter by the young and trendy french hotel owner herself, the local way. I especially loved this newly built, luxury Bungalow Resort nestled a two minute stroll back from its own private little beach and also the famous Balangan surf break. Particularly beautiful is the signature style emerging from this new venture – an eclectic mix of vintage french provincial antiques, traditional Balinese architecture and uber luxe modern bathroom fixtures and finishes. There are handcrafted table tops and doors of the most intricate and beautiful balinese craftsmanship and luxury ivory and white linens for the sumptuously grand four poster king beds. A vintage sewing table and ‘Surf meets Southwest’ refurbished metal chair finishes the room. Now to decide whether to spend the afternoon lazing down at the Spa at the edge of the cliffs or heading down for sunset to the local Warrangs on the beach for mi goreng or a crazy dangerous surf on that famous Balangan wave. And as the sun goes down over the Indian Ocean all amber and orb, I whisper silently, ‘Terkima Kasih’.

Bali Interior Photographer Noosa Interior Photographer1 Bali Interior Photographer Noosa Interior Photographer2 Bali Interior Photographer Noosa Interior Photographer3 Bali Interior Photographer Noosa Interior Photographer4 Bali Interior Photographer Noosa Interior Photographer5




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