Baby Bell no 2

I always look at mums that are heavily pregnant with a sense of concern and empathy. Perhaps for some it would be a knowing smile or nostalgic memories of that anticipating wonder and all the crazy-beautiful that is about to explode into their lives. Pregnancy, childbirth and mothering is no easy path and it takes all kinds of bravery to experience this season fully with all it brings – and all it demands.
It was lucky enough to get to photograph Jess and Sam on their wedding day a few years ago and now so priviledged to share in this exciting moment in their family’s journey. Jake, who is clearly in love with his parents and the world has more energy than all his relatives put together. Sam and Jess,
have had more than their fare share of weight to carry in this season from buying a new house and moving in, tackling a renovation of massive proportions all the while carrying on with the demands of work, family life and a new baby on the way. But Jess, with her serene beauty, quirky witt and quiet strength has carried it, and her new bub so well. May this next season be filled with a lighter load little Bell family, and carry with it fresh laughter and snuggly fun family memories – you deserve it! #babybellno2 #noosamaternityphotography #noosafamilyphotography #jesssamjakeandbub
NoosafamilyphotographerBell1 NoosafamilyphotographerBell2 NoosafamilyphotographerBell3 NoosafamilyphotographerBell4 NoosafamilyphotographerBell5

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