Josiah turns 3

“It’s a boy!”
Three. Little. Words.
Some people hear them in the ordered quiet of a sonography clinic beating to the drum of the finest little heart.
Other’s hear it shouted in triumphant victory as the grand finale to, well, lets call it a gruelling experience, shall we?
But what we don’t hear at that point is, “Boys are busy. I mean, into-everything-they-shouldn’t-be, toothpaste-tube-sucking, disappearing-like-houdini-outta-their-cots, racing-and-zooming-around-like-the-fast-and-the-furious, kinda busy. Granted, not all boys are like this, but many are. And what you don’t hear either is, “Mumma Bear, you better get buckled in for the ride of your life”.
Being a mum of a little boy has to be one of life’s most magnificent gifts (certainly I can speak here from experience). It truly stretches you to the limit, pushes your capacity and puts into question what really is important to you in life. As 3 year old Josiah’s mum Bree (our little speed machine in these photographs to follow) summed it up, “Motherhood has taken me to the place of having to be truly selfless”.  I think this is a stunning and often underrated path. Bree – your boy is busy and brave and indeed beautiful. As you are too 🙂


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