Bohemian Baby Bump

I’m kind of speechless.
Sparkling water diamonds, Great Gatsby inspired old world charm, blonde ringlets and whimsical hats was the vision I had for this shoot – oh and of course a bit of beachside bohemian too because, hey, that all goes together right?! These two, and their cutest baby bump walked straight into my eclectic fairytale and blew me away.

What could be more beautiful than a couple in love about to give birth to their firstborn baby? Taryn and David – your world is about to be gifted with the most glittering of loves.


Noosa-Newborn-Photographer-Taryn1 Noosa-Newborn-Photographer-Taryn2 Noosa-Newborn-Photographer-Taryn3 Noosa-Newborn-Photographer-Taryn4 Noosa-Newborn-Photographer-Taryn5



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